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The health of marine ecosystem is critical to sustaining life on the planet. Oceans need to be protected and managed as they provide food and livelihood to millions of people; serve as habitat for wide range of species; and govern the planet’s climatic systems. Sadly, for years, human activities have been affecting the marine environment, whether through bad fishing practices, pollution or illegal dumping.

Yunshang recognizes and values the need that exists for us to work collaboratively with a variety of organizations in order to improve our world, community and the environment. If, like us, you care about the earth we live in, and love life out at sea, come speak with us. We’re always open to new ideas and collaborations. We also hope to spread the word about sustainability and marine conservation. Hopefully, our musings and thoughts in the form of educational articles will be able to help & raise awareness amongst the community.


Millions of people living near seas rely on fish as a source of food and a means to earn livelihood. According to Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), 34.2% of the world’s total marine fish stock was overfished in 2017 (Source), which is a much higher percentage when compared to 10% for the year 1974. In addition, according to the recent estimates, the global per capita fish consumption peaked to 20.5 kg in 2018.

Today, with the advancement of technologies available such as global positioning systems and powerful transducers, or the increased number of huge trawlers equipped with nets and rollers pose risk to not just the fish population but also to the marine ecosystem.

Furthermore, unsustainable fish practices can lead to capturing of non-targeted fishes which often pose a threat to the survival of endangered species, which results in ecological imbalance in the marine environment due to disruptions to the food chain; reduced genetic diversity, and an associated decline in the nutrient cycling


The world’s oceans, seas and coastal areas are the planet’s largest ecosystems and a vital protein source for millions of people. 850 million people worldwide depend on coral reefs for food and livelihoods. Protecting some of the world’s most threatened marine habitats and resources will help ensure that our oceans can continue to sustain us for generations to come.

Yunshang is a comprehensive seafood enterprise that seamlessly integrates deep-sea fishing, long-distance cold storage transportation, offshore cold chain processing, warehousing logistics, and deep processing of seafood products. Our commitment to sustainability is ingrained in every aspect of our operations. We prioritize responsible fishing practices to protect marine ecosystems, employ energy-efficient transportation methods to reduce emissions, and implement eco-friendly processing techniques to minimize waste. Through these efforts, we are dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future for both our business and the environment.